Estanc celebrates its 150th order for Feedwater tank


With latest orders to manufacture feedwater tanks to South African Republic, Turkey and Finland, Estanc has reached a total of 150!

38 of them have been Stork type that we are official partners to from 2017 and rest with a deaerator.

Feedwater tank has been an important product in Estanc’s portfolio for quite a while and we are happy that we have earned our main customers full trust in this category. Feedwater tank has a principle role in the process and customers do not want to test when it comes to crucial parts of their supply.

Estanc expects and hopes to reach more and more clients that need among other pressure vessels feedwater tanks and is ready to manufacture these devices to anywhere in the world.

Please contact us in case of interest at and follow our active Linkedin page to stay updated with a company whose vision is to offer manufacturing service par excellence.