T-Tammer OÜ wins The Family Enterprise of the Year 2019 in Entrepreneurship Award competition


Massive congratulations to our brother company T-Tammer OÜ on becoming The Family Enterprise of the Year 2019 in the Entrepreneurship Award competition organised by Enterprise Estonia!

Family enterprise
                                                From left: Anti Tammo, Raigo Tammo, Mihkel Tammo

Estanc and Tammer are brothers, they truly are. The companies are founded by Raigo Tammo and owned by the Tammo family. Furthermore, both companies are literally run by brothers, Mihkel and Anti who also cross sit on the advisory boards of these companies.

The Family Enterprise of the Year is awarded to recognise companies that are run by families from several generations.

Tammer is the biggest metal door producer in the Baltics, specializing in producing fireproof and standard doors and windows from both steel elements and flat metal.

Brotherly rivalry, on which manufacturers of the two find more growth and success in their business strategy, has always been a driving force between us two and we are thankful for it because that pushes us both to get better

Estanc was also named as a TOP 3 nominee in the same category in 2018. It is safe to say that Tammo family is a vivid member of Estonian family company scenery and looking forward at the accelerating World then we see this as a very important merit. Value of family we believe will remain unblemished forever!

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