Estanc starts cooperation with 2 new subcontractors for manufacturing service par excellence


In 2018-2022 strategy Estanc has set focus onto developing sustainable cooperation with subcontractors

“Estanc AS has stated that we’re looking for partnering opportunities in market state of over-demand to add more value through combined efforts. More specifically we are seeking effective partnerships to help us keep competitive cost level in products that we would otherwise outgrow costwise, be able to help us develop our skillset and also provide wider product range. We’re happy to announce that we’ve started first projects with two companies who are helping Estanc to achieve just that,” says Estanc’s CEO Mihkel Tammo.

MV Welding OY is an experienced fabricator of heat exchangers with more than 500 units completed. They have formerly focused their activities towards Finnish market. We are glad to unite our skillsets. Thanks to the cooperation, we are able to offer more production capacity in our facilities. Addition to that, we have luxury to learn from MW Welding’s experience in their respected niche.

Enefit Solutions AS ( Estanc is known after our ability to break taboos and to falsify myths. Private company using Government owned company’s services as a subcontractor is another example of that. We are thankful for Enefit Solutions for reaching out to us and we’re hopeful to pursue long-standing cooperation between the two of us! In this cooperation, Estanc will focus on buffering our production capacity in case of over-demand on the market and also to stay competitive together costwise.

Besides the new partners above, we also have additional strategical cooperation ongoing negotiations. As a company who believes in cooperation instead of competition, we look to expand the pie and to create a win-win to all sides involved, mostly focusing on our clients, of course.

When forming new partnerships, the utmost important thing is that they are guided by a shared vision and purpose, mutual philosophies on ethics, sustainability and social responsibility topics through agreed code of conduct and no-excuses attitude towards quality of the service.

That helps us to guarantee to our clients manufacturing service par excellence and to keep us going ahead on our path of Estanc’s why.

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