Estanc receives order for high pressure heat exchanger with pressure of more than 100 bars


Estanc’s previous expertise in medium pressure heat exchangers and welding of thick materials (up to 50mm) has opened the door for us to enter high pressure heat exchangers business.

Estanc CEO Mihkel Tammo: ”Estanc’s top priority for our next 5 year strategy period is to become known as significant high pressure heat exchanger manufacturer. It is hard to underestimate the importance of this order in achieving that. We are on our way to offer manufacturing service par excellence and moving to more know-how and experience based products is a very important part of doing it.”

We have started a “sweet water condenser” project for paper mill in Austria. Condenser’s maximum allowable pressure is 103 bar(g) with maximum operating temperature of 312°C (593,6°F). The heat exchanger’s duty is 4,2MW. Thermal and mechanical guarantee will be provided to support the performance of the equipment. Our team is also designing a special self-sealing closure for the condenser.

Today Estanc has the capability to provide complicated heat exchanger designs and also assure the high quality of manufacturing for equipment such as: Feedwater preheaters, LP preheaters, Dolezal’s and other high pressure heat exchangers and other pressure vessels.

Mihkel Tammo adds: “The opportunity to enter the high pressure heat exchangers market is definitely influenced by the recruitment of Jorma Laine. Jorma is one of the Scandinavia’s leading experts in heat exchangers, his expertise and profound experience in thermal engineering has given Estanc the possibility to expand our scope.“

Read about Jorma Laine’s joining Estanc’s Heat Exchanger team:

7200-tube condenser Estanc manufactured for Biofuel Industry in April 2018.

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