Jorma Laine joins Estanc’s Heat Exchanger team


Jorma Laine
                                                                     Jorma Laine

We are thrilled to announce that Jorma Laine has decided to join
Estanc’s heat exchanger team. Jorma has over 30- year experience   in thermal engineering and he could be considered without exaggeration as one of Scandinavia’s leading experts in heat exchangers.

Jorma’s previous long-term employer was Sahala Works, which specialises in heat and energy technology, locating in Varkaus, Finland. In Estanc he has been hired as Senior Sales Manager Finland.

This hiring is yet another example how Estanc contributes into the most valuable knowledge which we believe reflects in greatest results.

”Since 2012 when we first started manufacturing heat exchangers, Estanc has doubled it’s turnover in the business every year. Today heat exchangers form 40-50% of our overall yearly turnover. In our next strategy period we have prioritized raising the precentage of high pressurized heat exchangers.

From that perspective we could not underestimate the importance of Jorma joining our team. It’s a true compliment when the most valuable expert in the field has seen great potential in Estanc and wishes to devote final years of his remarkable career amongst us!” – CEO Mihkel Tammo.

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