Biggest vessel ever – how many vehicles does the deaerator fit?


Estanc AS has been awarded a new contract with Valmet Technologies Oy with the largest feed watertank Estanc has ever manufactured, for Arauco MAPA project in Chile.

This project is going to receive Ø5500mm deaerator and feedwater tank with the length of 38 500mm and empty weight of approx 194 tons. This 857m3 volume vessel is a critical component to the pulp and paper mill, designed to provide feed water for both recovery- and power boiler.

This enormous vessel breaks previous record holder – 702m3 and 136 tons weighing feedwater tank Estanc supplied to Äärenkoski, Finland in 2016, remarkably. Furthermore, this is the biggest vessel Estanc has ever manufactured in our 26-years’ experience. The delivery is scheduled for the end of August 2019.

But just how big is it?

Since this project is a landmark for us, it deserves special recognition. To give an idea of its actual size, we painted an outline of the feedwater tank, full-scale, on asphalt in front of our office and production complex. To illustrate the proportions, it was placed side by side with something familiar, cars of our employees.

In length it took a total of 17 cars and one motorcycle to fill the silhouette. Heightwise, we could add more than another two layers.

The color scheme of the cars represents national flag of Estonia – a tricolor featuring blue, black and white. Blue is for the vaulted blue sky above the native land, the black for attachment to the soil of the homeland as well as the fate of Estonians — for centuries black with worries, and white for purity, hard work, and commitment.

Developing better measures to combat climate change

The modernization and extension of Arauco Mill, an initiative that involves a USD 2,350 million investment will renew and increase efficiency, furthermore allows to continue to generate clean and renewable energy from forest biomass.

Estanc also has an ongoing contract with Valmet Technologies Oy, up to 250 bar high pressure heat exchangers for MAPA project. Read more:

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