Welcome back: Andres Kollo rejoins Estanc Sales team as Lead Sales Engineer


Andres_KolloAndres has been one of the top salesperson in Estanc’s team since the first day he was recruited in 2014. After three years of commitment, it was time for him to explore new challenges. Now we get to welcome him back aboard.

Fresh out of Tallinn University of Technology, where Andres graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a Master’s, he joined Estanc’s team as Project Engineer at the age of 26.

Nearly two years later he was promoted to Sales Manager position because of his result-driven personality and technical knowledge along with sales skills.

In 2017, after being a part of Estanc’s team for three years, Andres wanted to gain more experiences in the field and see what’s life like outside Estanc’s walls. He proceeded his career path in a different organisation where he worked as a Chief Operations Officer for the past two years.

Today, we are glad to announce that exactly on the same date Andres first joined Estanc in 2014, June 25, we get to welcome him back in 2019. Andres rejoined our Sales team as Lead Sales Engineer. “I came back because Estanc has a wide and interesting product portfolio and the company consciously integrates sustainability into the operations of the business,” he says.

As an organisation, we endorse the growth of our people and boomerang employees like Andres return with greater knowledge and fresh perspective. We are overjoyed by the value Andres brings to Estanc’s team.