Transportation of a 853m3 feedwater tank, the biggest unit in Estanc’s history


The biggest unit of process equipment ever manufactured by Estanc started its journey from Estonia to Chile last month. At the weight of 194 tons and 857m3 volume, this feedwater tank and deaerator is a critical component to the pulp and paper mill, designed to provide feed water for both recovery- and power boiler.

feedwater tankThis project received a Ø5,500mm deaerator and feedwater tank with the shell length of 38,500mm. The unit is manufactured for the MAPA biomass plant construction project. It’s operating principle is to separate oxygen from the water circulating in the process equipment in order to guarantee the minimum oxygen content of the water entering the boiler and thereby minimize its corrosive effect. In addition, the water that is heated in the feedwater tank and flows to the boiler plays the role of a preheater and also acts as a buffer tank.

Transportation of a unit that in terms of size compares to 40 cars

When it comes to demanding loads, our cooperation partner AT Special Transport always delivers. At 7 meters, the total height of the load, the equipment was quite demanding in terms of road transportation. It would be difficult if not impossible to transport a bigger unit on the Estonian roads. The unit was transported safe and sound to Paldiski port, waiting to be shipped to its final destination to Arauco’s Mill in Chile.

Developing better measures to combat climate change

Project MAPA (Spanish acronym for Modernization and Extension of Arauco Mill project) will allow the company to continue to generate clean and renewable energy from forest biomass thanks to the construction of a new cogeneration boiler.

Big thanks for a long-term cooperation to our valued partner, Valmet Technologies Oy, who is delivering key technology for ARAUCO expansion project.

Feedwater tanks have been priority products in Estanc’s portfolio for years, having manufactured over 160 over the years. We are happy that we have earned our main customers full trust in this product category.

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