Since February 2019 Estanc uses electricity produced from 100% renewable energy sources


Estanc’s yearly electricity consumption is about 1.14 GWh. Today we’re proud to say that since February 1st, 2019 AS Estanc uses electricity produced from 100% renewable energy sources.

Supporting the creation of a more sustainable world is our mission statement and strongly intertwined in our strategy. In every spectrum of our business, we are searching possibilities to be more responsible about our approaches that have impact on the environment.

Electricity that has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner

Elektrum Estonia Powered by Green is electricity produced from 100% renewable energy sources with official guarantees of its origin. The origin is granted with a personalized certificate which proves that the energy produced to Estanc comes from Estonian wind farms and hydro power plants. According to Elektrum, in case of a deficit in the future, it will be possible to buy green energy from Europe, because the trading takes place in a common open market.

How does the green energy reach from the producer to Estanc?

In every spring, the independent electricity and gas system operator Elering collects data of consumed electricity in previous calendar year and according to the energy consumed, issues the certificate of its origin. The amount of energy that has been consumed is removed from the energy market and we in Estanc can be sure that the price of the purchased electricity will reach green energy producers and thus contribute to making the world more sustainable.


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