Jan Böttger liitub Estanci meeskonnaga toiteveemahutite müügijuhina


Jan Böttger
Jan Böttger, toiteveemahutite müügijuht

We are very pleased to inform you that from the beginning of March 2019, Jan Böttger has joined the team of Estanc as Deaerators Sales Lead. In his new position, Jan will develop the deaerator and feed water tank business for Estanc on a global level, being responsible for all commercial aspects this product line entails.

Jan has extensive experience in this field, he comes directly from Stork, where he was involved in the deaerator business for twelve years. During his time at Stork, his regional sales responsibilities included North America, Germany/Switzerland/Austria, Eastern Europe, and Russia. He established and actively run Stork’s Russian branch office for seven years.

Jan is a German national, he studied at the University of California in Berkeley and the University of Maastricht, from which holds a master’s degree in International Management.

We would like to give Jan a warm welcome and wish him every success in his new challenge.

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