Helium leak testing now provided by Estanc


Estanc is constantly expanding services to offer customers more valuable solutions. Now we can perform helium leak testing.

Helium leak testing
Helium leak testing of a heat exchanger

To meet the needs of our customers Estanc has
successfully performed first ever helium leak testing of a heat exchanger.

Helium leak detection has become a sensitive, precise and quantitative method for evaluating leaks. Helium is among the lightest and smallest of molecules, allowing it to penetrate small leaks quickly.

The test was conducted in heat exchanger that contains toxic and easily flammable gas called ethylene chloride. The aim of this test was to assure the quality of our welds and materials. Helium leak testing method is significantly different from other pressure- and density tests Estanc previously have had the experience with. Series of new operations and preparations were executed and the details of the procedure were discussed carefully with the customer.

Estanc partnered up with Eesti AGA AS the carry out the testing. Professional supervision of impartial inspection KIWA Inspecta also attended.

All together 10,000 welds were tested and the test proved to be successful with no complications.

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