Estanc to expand its production facilities to meet a growing demand


rental_hallDue to the growing demand for products and capacity restraints in our current locations, Estanc has expanded its production facilities.

At the beginning of May 2019, Estanc has started operating in additional 1500 m2 production facility.

The expansion’s goal is to help the company increase manufacturing capacity, allowing us to serve the market in state of high demand. The new facility is located just two kilometers away from existing plant and dedicated to the manufacture of heat exchangers, along with our cooperation partner MV Welding Oy.

The manufacturing projects at the new facility will undergo the same quality processes that they do in our existing plant, ensuring our products’ utmost levels of quality and safety in all processes.

The expansion will help us to maintain fast responsiveness in quoting, production and delivery to meet the requirements of our customers. In service of our vision to offer manufacturing service par excellence.

With the addition of the new facility, Estanc’s production footprint is now 13,000 m2.

Read more about Estanc’s cooperation with subcontractors:

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