Estanc succeeded at a mission impossible project for a key client


Last monday morning Estanc received an impossible project request. We were requsted to produce a vessel on the picture by saturday evening, on the same week! Stakes for the customer were high because their operations were not able to continue without replacing the vessel in their process. Under normal conditions Estanc would deliver such project in 3,5-4 months. Our team calculated the risks and prepared itself for the 24/7 beyond maximum effort regime and we decided to pursue the challenge.

Thanks to the extraordinary effort from all of the departments we managed to grant our clients wishes and this piece of equipment was delivered timely against all odds and the client was able to get back to their normal processes and save cost damages that could have turned into a possible disaster.

As three of our key values are kindness, proficiency and sustainable client relationships we are extremely proud that we were able to help our client in their grave need.