Estanc has bought Flange facer to cut costs on heat exchanger manufacturing


Estanc has purchased custom made portable flange facer from „Mirage Machines Ltd.“

Machine is based on legendary MM 2000i Flange Facer, specially designed for heat exchanger tubesheet gasket groove machining. Mirage Machines together with Verg Sp. and Estanc has re-designed this MM2000i to meet Estanc high demands to this machinery. Machine has custom made, extended tool holder with 180° deg. turning option. This extra option allows to machine gasket grooves also on back face of tubesheet.

Machine features also a special tubesheet mounting plate, which allowes to mount the machine on the already welded tubesheet and machine the tubebundle in horizontal position.

Machine has three speed continious gearbox for flexible machine operation and best suitable surface quality, working range is from 610 to 2000mm.

This machine is representing new era in Estanc heatexchanger department.