Constantly investing in quality manufacturing equipment to improve our services


Linde tõstukOne of Estanc’s promises is to manufacture high quality products in long-term. Quality is a continuous process, improved with the combination of skilled and engaged workforce, well-thought processes, customer focus and quality manufacturing equipment.

Although the responsibility to create a good product does not rest only on the equipment, it is a vital factor. Quality new machinery tends to be at the top of its class in terms of technology and functioning, having a positive impact to efficiency, as well as employee performance and motivation. Focusing on small improvements on daily basis will gradually lead up to the biggest impact.

Over the course of 2019 we have made number of upgrades in terms of production machinery. When it comes to coorporation with the suppliers, we are looking for high quality and sustainable solutions from industry experts.

Thanks to working closely with our partners such as Fronius, Pemamek and Linde we are able to increase the level of our operations and services. Among purchased items are mobile power sources for orbital tube welding from Polysoude, MIG/MAG power sources from Fronius, rollerbeds and APS Skymaster positioners from Pemamek and LPG forklift truck from Linde.