2 tailor made design Falling Film Evaporators with the weight of 105 ton each


In July 2018, Estanc supplied and installed 2 falling film evaporators to Sarpsporg, Norway with the total weight of 105t each and height of nearly 26m.

The falling film evaporators are tailor made design for concentrating aqueous sodium hydroxide with a total water evaporation capacity of 120 tons per hour. The evaporators were manufactured from 3 different sections, the biggest of which was the tube bundle section with 2880 pieces of 15-meter length tubes per vessel which were welded and light rolled to tubesheets.

We designed and manufactured spiral stairs and platforms in cooperation with our partner and also provided insulation for bottom section, tube bundle and top section.

The vessel was surfaced with Ra<5,8μm and the overlay afterprocessing was completed with acid pickling.

Falling film evaporator was transported to Norway in 5 different sections and was installed on site by Estanc’s installation team.

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