New managing director of Estanc is Mihkel Tammo


Biggest tank and container manufacturer in Nordic countries, a family company Estanc announced today that new generation is ready to take over management of the company. Estanc’s new managing director will be the owner Raigo Tammo’s son Mihkel Tammo.

The owner Raigo Tammo says that Estanc grew significantly under the former Managing Director Vaido Palmik, who led estanc past fifteen years but the time is right for the next logical step.

“In the last years we have gone through major developments, we built our own manufacturinghalls and grew both turnover and the number of employees significantly. I am thankful to my son-in-law for that. He has successfully led the spoken changes. My son Mihkel knows the company from the grassroot. He is full off ambition, skills and will, to take us to the next level.”

Raigo Tammo sets Estanc’s goals for the coming years to stabilize companys operations, develop Estanc both technologically and in processes and imposes the potential to make Estanc more profitable and outstanding in satisfying its clients needs.

Fresh Managing director Mihkel Tammo accentuates that even though in front of him lays a big challenge he is
ready for it.

“I’ve seen Estanc’s development from very little and Estanc feels like home. I know that filling the expectations put
on my shoulder takes a lot of work and effort, but thanks to the support of our outstanding team, I’m confident in the successful outcome.”

In the changes made Estanc also got a new Sales Manager – Andres Kollo.

95 percent of Estanc’s business is export, and company has close to 150 employees.

Estanc’s products play important roles in the processes of renewable energy, recycling, reducing of carbon dioxide gases and Estanc helps to create modern and saving solutions in many important fields.

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