Sustainability Report 2023

Estanc’s 2023 Sustainability Report has been released!

Our 2023 Sustainability Report is finally out and available on our homepage. This report is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and provides a detailed overview of our journey towards more responsible business practices.

The report transparently describes our progress from the previous year, while also addressing the various challenges. At Estanc, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the only way to do business, benefiting not only the environment but also our company, employees, and stakeholders.

As early as 2019, we identified six specific UN Sustainable Development Goals to which we actively dedicate ourselves on a daily basis. Our goals focus on health and safety, energy efficiency, sustainable technologies, circular economy, raising awareness about climate change, and collaborative efforts – our contributions to these goals can be thoroughly read in the report itself.

In 2023, we made significant progress on our sustainability journey. Like last year, we underwent the EcoVadis audit in September and this time, we achieved a gold medal – a clear reflection of our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. As always, we received valuable feedback and know what we need to do to attain Ecovadis Platinum.

The past year also brought significant challenges. In early 2023, we experienced a cyberattack, prompting us to enhance cybersecurity measures and focus on the protection of digital assets. Largely due to this event, the Sustainability Report now includes a new chapter entirely dedicated to cybersecurity.

Our strategic focus areas for the coming years encompass all ESG domains: we have developed a comprehensive action plan addressing environmental, social, and governance objectives. Environmentally, our focus this year is on waste management – ensuring all data is centralized, easily analyzed, and, where possible, reduced.

Regarding social aspects, we will continue our efforts to engage employees. Both diversity and family-friendliness certifications are up for renewal. Special attention remains on the health and safety of our employees. This year, we plan to update the code of ethics for employees, which should be implemented before the summer holidays!

Our management culture still relies on a holacratic approach, fostering employee autonomy and responsibility. In terms of management and supply chain, we emphasize strong leadership, ethical business practices, and a sustainable supply chain. The latter is our greatest concern, and we intend to act on it more intensively this year than ever before.

In summary, Estanc’s 2023 Sustainability Report provides a detailed overview of our commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and management practices. Through our challenges and achievements, we demonstrate a proactive and innovative approach to sustainability, leading the way in sustainable practices in our sector!