Estanc is “Dream Employer 2024”

On March 6th, Estanc AS was announced as the winner of the “Dream Employer 2024” competition in Estonia. Our CEO, Priit Haldma, received the special young leader award “Rising Star”.

A jury member, the CEO of Smartgrow, Lauri Tabur, was particularly struck this year by the participants awareness of what needs to be done to be attractive specifically to their target group. “Attractiveness no longer means being widely known. The most exciting discussions in the jury were prompted by those who many of us may not have heard of, but who are quite attractive in the eyes of their target group and are doing serious work for it.” This serious work, according to Tabur, has led the jury to conclude that there is no quick magic wand in employer branding: “It is a deliberate and conscious effort, primarily with your own people, in order for them to become ambassadors of your brand. No matter how expensive the advertising campaign, it cannot outweigh the company’s own people’s willingness to showcase its image.”

We have clarity on what our internal culture needs to be to achieve our goals. We have gradually built our management and brought new people into the team. It is important that the employee and employer want to move forward together and that they have a common goal. Estanc employs a flexible, human-centric management inspired by holacracy that responds to changes. Instead of a power-based hierarchy, we have a purpose-driven hierarchy, where each team and role has its own goal and the freedom to choose how to achieve it. The role of a leader is to coach and support.

We are extremely proud to be among these esteemed companies that have received this prestigious title over the years!