Meet our new CEO


Estanc’s Supervisory board is pleased to announce it has appointed Priit Haldma as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Priit most recently served as Finance Manager and Board Member of Estanc.

Former CEO since 2016-2020 Mihkel Tammo has decided to embark on new opportunities. At the same time, Priit Haldma will continue in his previous role as Finance Manager and a Member of the Board. 

We understand Mihkel’s decision to move on to new challenges and we thank him for his contribution to the family business in recent years, said Raigo Tammo, Chairman of the Council and the company founder. “Priit has earned our trust since the time he started working in Estancover 2 years ago.” 

Priit has been named new CEO in an interesting, yet uneasy timesThe current economic environment is challenging for our company, because of the great deal of uncertainty. We need to look for ways to make our operations even more efficient, while continuing the great work in the sales,” he said. Our focus on executing our mission goes without saying. That is deeply rooted into Estanc and an essential part of who we are. Also, as our customers serve as the ultimate judge of quality in the market, the basics such as quality of the product, customer service and security of supply cannot be ignored and are crucial through the whole value chain.” 

Priit Haldma

Before Priit’s journey in Estanc beganhe had been with Baltics leading planed timber production Raitwood since 20132018 as an Analyst to Head of Finance. Prior to Raitwood Priit was a Client Manager and Investment Consultant at Mandatum Life Baltic. 

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