Estanc top 3 wage payer in Estonia


According to Äripäev’s annual wage payers top for companies with 100+ employees, Estanc is ranked in 67. position overall and in 3. position in manufacturing.

Our Managing director Mihkel Tammo: “ Estanc’s main focus in HR politics at the moment is on the soft side, in engagement, culture and community creation. With that said we know that as we value stabile and qualified workforce and need to attract new young talents on top of that we need to stay competitive in income level that we can offer to our people.

As we are a family company and in a way consider our workers part of that then our promise has always been that we put profits back into the development of the company and into our people. A new bonus system set in tact this year and the given results give our people needed assuredness that we walk the walk and helps to facilitate our favorable reputation on the labor market. “

Estanc is extremely proud that over timespan of 25 years from our inception there has never been a wage day where the payments have been delayed. Estanc has also set up it’s candidacy for the title of responsible employer badge given out annually.