Estanc received Familyfriendly Employer label


Familyfriendly Employer
Estanc’s Head of HR Siret Raigla (left) with the Minister of Social Affairs Kaia Iva

On 17th of October the Minister of Social Affairs,
Kaia Iva gave 53 companies, including Estanc the label of Familyfriendly Employer, which indicates for the present and future employees, that employer values employees wishes
and is ready to contribute in their well-being.

We joined the program with Estanc, because as a family company we have always emphasized the importance of
well-balanced work and family life, as well as highly valued
the well-being of employees.

To apply to the program of Familyfriendly employer,
we worked together with employees to make 2-year development plan for continuous promoting of good
working environment.

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