Mission Day 2023!

Estanc’s Mission Day was once again held on May 31, it is the fifth collective event with the aim of giving back to the community.

This year we organized our Mission Day in cooperation with the Estonian Food Bank. Across Estonia, an average of 19,604 people need help per week. In 2022, the Food Bank sent 4.3 million kilos of food into circulation, most of which was food saved from trade. In order to contribute to the feeding of people who need help, we collected food together to donate to the Food Bank and went to help pack and distribute food aid to different points of the Food Bank in Estonia.

In the first half of the day, the representative of the Estonian Food Bank, √úlo Vihma, came to visit us, he told us about the organization and how it works in general . The Food Bank is assisted by a large number of volunteers, thanks to whom it functions as it does today. Then retail company Rimi representative Katrin Bats told us about their cooperation with The Food Bank. According to research conducted in 2021, one household generates approximately 149 kg of food waste per year, of which 63 kg is food loss. At this point, we should all definitely look at ourselves and evaluate our own habits.

After the educational session, we enjoyed a good meal together, then 30 of the 51 participants had the opportunity to go to the Food Bank points to help out. We had the opportunity to help in Tallinn, Haapsalu and Rakvere Food Banks. It was a very interesting experiance for all the participants.

Once again, Mission Day was very popular. We are lucky to have so many people, who care about what is happening around us and are always ready to help out!