Meet the Team!


In this new series you have a great opportunity to meet some of our great employees. At Estanc we have passionate and process-driven engineers, technical specialists, welders, assemblers, project designers, sales personnel and leaders who are all driven by our purposeful existence and our ability to manufacture special and huge equipment for world-class and worldwide clients. The Meet the Team series provides an insight into the great crew that makes up Estanc.

Production Preparation Master Anna

Our always happy Production Preparation Master Anna Veselova has over 17 years of experience as a foreman, and she is happy to share her knowledge with her colleagues. With her team, Anna is always looking for solutions, how to make the production even better. “The most important thing for me is the team. Estanc gave me the best team. Every day I go to work happy and in a good mood!“ says Anna enthusiastically. Anna’s team is really lucky to have her, and we in Estanc are fortunate to have such passionate and process driven people!

Chief Engineer Janno Lehtme

Our Chief Engineer Janno has been working in various positions at Estanc for almost 20 years. He started as a Designer, then quickly became a Design Manager, soon after that he worked as a Design and Project Manager, then he was a Technical Manager, followed by the position of Leading Design and Process Engineer. Eventually, since September he has been working as a Chief Engineer. Janno is one of the most experienced people in Estanc, and it’s safe to say that he knows how things have always been here. He does his work correctly and with a lot of heart. He has a clear picture of what has to be done, and he values accuracy above everything else. This is reflected very well in his motto: “devil is in the details”.

Fitter Aleksei Melnikov

Our experienced Fitter Aleksei Melnikov, who has worked at Estanc for almost 10 years. His daily work is preparation of parts and the assembly of metal structures of varying complexity, and also their cleaning, according to drawings and sketches, using universal assemblies, special harness and templates. Aleksei is very passionate about his work – the more challenging project, the better! He loves reading complex drawings, understanding them and then assembling all of it into exciting constructions.

Purchasing Specialist Margus Tamm

Our Purchasing Specialist Margus Tamm has been working at Estanc for 10 years. He started out as a warehouse worker, but soon there were some additional responsibilities added to the usual warehouse work, such as document control and also smaller purchases. Now he has been working as a Purchasing Specialist for six years. During all this time, he has grown a lot. He loves when there are big and exciting projects in the house. Currently his favorite is carbon capture — it’s awesome to be a part of something so big! Margus has a very good stress tolerance, he can do several things at once. In his activities, he follows the principle “don’t assume, be sure!”