Estanc is manufacturing for carbon capture

In Estanc, sustainability and environmental values are highly appreciated. We are always motivated and excited to work in sectors where energy efficiency and sustainability are the ultimate priorities. Carbon capture is a perfect challenge for Estanc, as its main focus is saving our planet from climate change.


Estanc is the largest and most successful process equipment manufacturer for high-impact industries in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We plan, design, engineer, produce, deliver and install everything within our scope of contract. Our product portfolio includes pressurized vessels, heat exchangers, scrubbers, chimneys, non-pressure tanks, LNG storage tanks and piping modules. Estanc has over 30 years of international experience with different projects and that has created a solid foundation for the challenging carbon capture market.

Carbon dioxide is the main reason for climate warming. One possible solution to limit CO2 emissions in the atmosphere is to capture carbon dioxide and then reuse or store it. There are already several companies who offer different modules for carbon capture. These are meant for the largest CO2 emitters like cement, bio and waste-to-energy, gas-to-power and blue hydrogen industries.

Estanc is focused on becoming the strategic partner in large-scale carbon capture and storage projects. “We have already participated in two large carbon projects, and in January we signed the biggest contract so far,” explains our CEO, Priit Haldma. He adds that he sees great potential in this segment, and the company is currently working to become a preferred partner in the development and supply of equipment for CO2 emissions storage and transport solutions.

Estanc is capable of manufacturing different kind of process equipment for the carbon capture modules like columns, heat exchangers and different pressurized vessels. Our scope of supply also includes platforms and column internals delivery. At the moment Estanc is manufacturing products for a waste-to-energy plant, where the carbon capture module is going to capture 100,000 tons of CO2 annually. In addition, we have manufactured pressurized vessels for one of the biggest cement suppliers in Norway, where the carbon capture modules capture around 400,000 tons of CO2 annually.

The goal for all parties involved in carbon capture industry, is to build a more sustainable world. Most of the products Estanc manufactures are used in sectors where energy efficiency and sustainability are the ultimate priorities. Sustainable thinking is implemented in our mindset and it is also reflected in Estanc’s vision: “to be a part of building a sustainable world while creating better lives for everyone“. For guidance we use the Ten Principles of UN Global Compact and we are also committed to 6 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Estanc believes that the only right way to do business is in a sustainable manner and we are grateful that our manufactured products are helping to make the world more environmentally friendly place.

The world will depend on coal, oil, and gas for decades to come. These big industries generate more CO2 emissions than anybody else. Therefore, applying carbon capture technology to these sectors has potential for the greatest reduction of CO2 emissions. So, to save the planet from climate warming, we need technologies to capture and store CO2 efficiently. And to build this sort of technologies, we need trustworthy process equipment providers like Estanc.