The storekeeper that never sleeps and never forgets


ESTANC has took into use an effective industrial vending machine (SavePro 2) – „The storekeeper that never sleeps and never forgets“. Vending machines are meant for storing and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE), discs, gloves, and other consumables. Machines are supported by the software SaveLog, that logs all data and is able to send it automatically via email or present them in downloadable, importable XLS or CSV files.From starting this project, it took over a year to install the first machine. ESTANC has installed two devices and the hardest part was to choose the right assortment and find the right configuration for both machines. To identify the employee we use the same ID cards that we use in the security system.The main reasons why the machines were introduced are as follows:

  • available for employees 24/7 (even in the case of network errors)
  • highly productive and supports service activities
  • 100% accountability and consumption tracking
  • managing and recording of emplyee access to items
  • 20 – 50% cost reduction

Vending machines are used in manufacturing companies as well as in tech companies, such as Facebook, Dropbox and HP are using similar machines:

More information from manufacturer website: