Taavi Madiberk, the CEO of Skeleton Technologies joins the Supervisory Board of Estanc


The co-founder of Skeleton Technologies, a Global Cleantech 100 company, has joined the Supervisory Board of Estanc, starting November 2019.

CEO of Estanc Mihkel Tammo and CEO and Co-Founder of Skeleton Technologies Taavi Madiberk

“Integrating sustainability goals into business strategy creates long-term value for the environment and new growth opportunities for the organization. Estanc is uniquely positioned to capture that opportunity by reducing the environmental footprint and providing cost savings in key sectors from marine, water treatment, waste to energy, industrial manufacturing and many others.

Estanc has proven itself as a global production company, having a strong reputation in the industry when it comes to executing technologically complex high quality solutions and a customer base ranging from General Electric, Hitachi to Valmet and Neste.

The ambition to grow builds on the company’s vision to offer manufacturing service par excellence. Although Estanc identifies itself as a service-based company, one of the next efforts in terms of growth would be to develop their own products. Result oriented management team with a clear long-term vision for sustainability and the know-how built up over the years gives a strong basis to achieve that goal,” says Taavi Madiberk.

“We’re incredibly happy to have Taavi as a member of our Board of Supervisors,” says Estanc’s CEO Mihkel Tammo.
“Taavi is a representation of Estanc’s future. Areas of his qualification: cleantech, product development, high-tech manufacturing and understanding of different financing models are all highly valuable for us.

Taavi will to contribute and share his time with us comes at perfect timing because challenges in the World and in the rome of sustainability have created a situation where we see a need for bold moves. Estanc wants to put more disruptive effort into the developments of climate neutrality driven markets and to find ways for radical innovation. Our experienced and highly skilled team gives us this opportunity and Taavi in his role fits like a glove in terms of that vision,” he adds.

The Supervisory Board of Estanc consist of five members. In addition to Taavi Madiberk, it includes Raigo Tammo, Herty Tammo, Anti Tammo and Kalle Palling.

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