Switching to 100% fossil free Neste MY Renewable Diesel

renewable fuelSince of October 10, Neste MY Renewable Diesel, produced from 100% renewable raw materials, launched in Estonia. Estanc is one of the first companies to switch to a completely fossil free fuel and installed Neste My fuel tank to our factory complex.

Estanc follows to the principles of sustainability, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our focus is on health, the natural and living environment and energy. We use energy produced from 100% renewable energy sources in our office and production facilities.

Neste MY offers us the opportunity to switch our heavy machinery fuelling to an environmentally friendly alternative which reduces the negative impact on environment as the fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to fossil diesel. ”We use considerable amount of diesel per year and by switching the fuel, we can help minimize the negative environmental impact of our operations,” says Erika Pihl, Sustainability Coordinator at Estanc.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a low-carbon quality fuel that can fully replace conventional diesel and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. During the initial phase, private car owners and heavy-duty vehicle drivers can refuel with renewable diesel at one station in Tallinn, at Kadaka tee.

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