Our Leaders, from now on Designer of Intentional Future, Mihkel Tammo ideas for 2020

To all our stakeholders,

Designer of Intentional Future, Mihkel Tammo

Estanc has just graduated its best year of all time. For second consecutive year and third out of four, we have broken our profitability records. 2019 also brought more than 50% increase in turnover, concrete philosophy and strategy for our sustainability work with resources (explore our Sustainability page) as we also hired Sustainability Coordinator and development of subcontractor network with it’s bureaucracy and processes to continuously offer manufacturing service par excellence with widest possible reach.

2020 for Estanc

We see that 2020 will look different in many ways. Instead of moving faster or wider, our focus is getting higher. We’ll do that both structurally – in our leadership philosophy and also strategically with our investments to new jobs and intangible assets.

No bosses

From 1st of January 2020 Estanc will feature humanized management model, more commonly known as bossless organization without hierarchy. We hope to achieve even better teamwork, communication, flexibility-elasticity and responsibility from our #EstancTeam members through that change. This is big and fundamental decision that in my mind will prepare us best for the challenges that beginning decade will make us face.

Key data visualization

Also, we are working hard in terms of digital technologies. We have really good tailor made ERP system that allows us now to visualize key data from our processes and we would like to create transparent digital solutions for our customers thanks to that data in our hands.

R&D department

In 2020 Estanc also starts its own R&D department and innovation processes. The aim of that is to achieve both, horizontal and vertical expansion to our operations. We have key technologies and products in our mind that we want to develop to be our own solutions, but also we want to offer wider engineering services to our clients than before.

Lastly and most importantly the main purpose of our research and development will be to identify opportunities for us on new, sustainability and environmentally oriented markets that are in birth phase. We have our eyes on number of such markets and hope to position ourselves as pathfinder, a partner in prototyping as well as strategic cooperation for other stakeholders in such markets.

The era of business ethics and sustainability

If I take a look outside of our own microcosm, to existing external forces then in 2020 I see big pressure on sustainability and ethics topics. We love that! We have positioned at everything we do to be exemplary company when it comes to those subjects. To me sustainability and ethics are crucial to make a company last and thrive for longest possible time.

At Estanc we have our mission invested in sustainability. Our mission is to manufacture process equipment that supports the creation of the more sustainable World. 2019 brought this topic on the table, finally. Youth activism, end client’s decision making towards sustainable solutions etc have also brought sustainability mindset to industry. Truth told, verbally it has been there for a long time, but now it’s also starting to appear in actions.

As we have been frontrunner in our own operations, in our products portfolio and in our wider contribution sustainability-wise then we see that further this topic develops, the better competitive advantage we shall have on process equipment market. Needless to say that this brings great joy.

In 2019 we have seen many instances of unethical behavior from different stakeholders that we have been and still are forced to deal with. This is not normal subject of such year outlook messages but I feel it is necessary to stress that Estanc as “post-industrial industrial company” is mission vision and values driven company.

Our partners can always consider us a company with dignity and ethical behavior but the same principles also apply to our partners. It is the same for both – clients and suppliers.
For more info on the subject take a look at our Code of Conduct.

You will get to hear us talking about concrete cases in 2020 because part of standing up for injustice is making it visible and giving it media attention and audience is what needs to be done to provide negative feedback loop to such behavior.

In 2020 Estanc continues on our selected path and constructed strategy. That is built in good-will, cooperation, development and making positive transformations and shifts among us and around us.

We welcome everybody- from our team members, existing and new possible clients, partners and suppliers to universities and public sector that have similar direction and principles to join us and to make 2020 memorable in once again bright tones.

As we engage in this important work together, I welcome your thoughts.

Mihkel Tammo
Designer of Intentional Future

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