Multiple Effect Evaporator with the weight of over 100 tons


In September 2018, Estanc AS supplied 3 lamella-type evaporators for pulp mill in Iggesund, Sweden.

Lamella-technology based evaporators provide a high heat transfer while being extremely easy to clean, thus maximizing plant availability and minimizing time required for washing of the heating surface.

The biggest and most complex equipment from the set of three was a 102-ton, 285m3 evaporator with the height of 16,5m and diameeter of 4800mm. Shells and internal support structures were specially made from duplex stainless steel for all three process equipment units.

One of the more interesting aspects of the manufacturing process was the pre-assembly and installation of the lamella packages, which was the first experience for Estanc. The biggest set of the modules consisted total of 6 separate sections and weighed heavy 50 tons. A special driveway with a support base and castor wheels was designed to insert the 50ton pre-assembled lamella package inside the vessel. After that, 4-point hydraulic jack was used to fixate the module to the shell.

Estanc also performed separate hydrostatic testing to all the vessels for leak detection. The heaviest of the bunch weighted remarkable 400 tons after filling the equipment with water.

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