MISSION DAY 2019. Celebrating Sustainability with local community


Mission Day is about coming together as a team in support of our mission – to support the creation of a more sustainable world. This year, Estanc celebrated Mission Day on May 10th. This year we focused on community helping to create a village gathering spot and played ethical dilemma games with all of our team members.


sustainable businessWe are adding finishing touches to our Code of Conduct. The CoC describes Estanc’s organizational values and behaviors, which are expected from our employees and partners.

By pursuing this agreement together, we can act responsibly and contribute to the creation of a cleaner and healthier environment for us and future generations.

To showcase some of the CoC topics, we played the Dilemma Game, which consisted of several ethical situations in which a choice had to be made. It was up to the group to choose, which of the solutions was considered the best – to decide what would be the right thing to do. The purpose of this exercise was to encourage
dialogue, exchange opinions and explain how the values guide our decisions in realistic situations.

Outliving our mission

For the second activity, we planted trees in our local community next to our factory. Estanc donated and helped to plant 75 trees together with the volunteers of Rae parish, to support the project developing a local village square.

There are several reasons why we chose to plant trees second year in a row. Every tree that takes root also carries with it a countless of benefits to our health, quality of life, and well-being.

Trees help in sustaining the delicate balance of our ecosystems and their value extends beyond our generation. Working in nature fosters many positive attributes and promotes learning about the importance of trees and their role in the wider environment.


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Code of Conduct for Employees and Cooperation Partners of Estanc

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