Estanc’s COVID-19 response


Dear customers, partners and communities

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us all around the world. In what we believe is in the best interest of our employees, customers, partners and communities, Estanc has implemented measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus and reduce the risk of exposure. The ways in which we are doing so include:
  • restriction of all business travels
  • prohibiting all out of office meetings and visits at our office and production premises.
    Make the most of the digital age. We are using communication platform Microsoft Teams or Skype Business to stay connected (meetings, calling and conferences)
  • all employees who feel slightly ill are sent home. Employees who have had any contact with someone diagnosed have asked to work remotely if they can do so
  • social distancing in workplace, avoiding contact with colleagues
  • increased hygiene measures

As we are in hands of great uncertainty both internally and externally then please note that possible implications to deliveries might be a possibility. Should such risks come to realize we will inform related parties particularly. If necessary, please ask your contact person for more information about the state of your business matters.

We are actively working to delay the spread of this virus and it requires all of our care and participation. We hope for your understanding, with global effort we can put this great risk behind us.

Stay healthy and safe.

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