Estanc wins orders to supply a total of 15 heat exchangers to Chile and Russia


heatexchangerEstanc wins 2 new orders to supply a total of 15 heat exchangers to Chile and Russia.

The first order is going to receive 7 heat exchangers with Estanc’s thermal design for ARAUCO’s MAPA project in Chile. The equipment will be supplied for a fiberline contributing to low chemical consumption, high-quality pulp and low environmental emissions.

The second order to Syktyvkar, Russia will receive 8 heat exchangers for Syktyvkar Mondi new evaporation plant to replace obsolete technologies, enhance environmental measures, and increase the quality of the mill. This will be the fourth order to be received regarding this project.

Estanc is glad to continuously supply equipment to existing customers, which proves us to be reliable partners and offer products with utmost quality. Furthermore, maintaining sustainability is a topic close to our heart, so we’re pleased to contribute renewing outdated technologies which will increase efficiency and save energy.

Read more about orders for MAPA project:
Stay tuned! More exciting news regarding this project coming up soon.

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