Estanc will deliver 11 biggest scrubbers ever manufactured to newlybuilt container ships


“We made our offer to manufacture scrubbers for a world’s biggest container ships to be built little more than a year ago” says Mihkel Tammo Estanc’s MD. “As we got the news that our client had lost the bid we thought that this will be the last we hear from this project. To our pleasant surprise though just couple of months ago we were contacted about the same project by Yara Marine Technologies. We had been trying to reach a common project with them for 3 years up until that moment. What followed to an enquiry was extremely fast paced sales phase and we are glad that we have reached to an agreement where Estanc is able to do once again our part to support the creation of a more sustainable World. As scope and delivery time proved very challenging then we also asked our partners from Netherlands to sit behind the table on the same chair really with us to be able to offer our client the best possible manufacturing service and that they wouldn’t have to split the order and save them huge amount of trouble. This is an important milestone for us. I am a true believer to a thesis that cooperation needs to replace rivalry and competing and this project is first big sign of that for us. Besides Estonia- our home country- that will celebrate it’s 100th anniversary this month Sweden and Netherlands are two of my favourite countries in the world and this makes the project even more thrilling,” says Mihkel.

The project will contain 11 scrubbers that will be installed at docks in two separate locations in South Korea. Following are some of the reasons that this project is record breaking for us. This will be Estanc’s biggest project ever sold in working hours and in turnover. This is a first project that Estanc has ever shared with another company in this volume. The last piece of process equipment has to be handed over in a year. This project will feature most expensive materials and materials with biggest tensity we have ever handled.

This is a first project with a new client which means that by now Estanc works with 3 of the biggest scrubber designing companies out of 4 in the world. The fourth one has a strategy to manufacture their own equipment this far. As we have a possibility to consider ourselves the world leading scrubber manufacturer then in the light of a booming market for coming years we see many more possible development scenarios growing out of the high demand that would support Estanc’s goals as a company.