Estanc qualified for an extension of the Diverse Workplace label for 2020-2022

In Estanc, we respect differences and diversity. In recognition of this, Estanc qualified for an extension of the Diverse Workplace label until 2022.

The diversity label is a quality label administere by the Human Rights Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs. The first labels were given out in 2018 and Estanc was among the companies that obtained it. The Diverse Workplace label indicates that a company is an attractive employer that is looking for a talent irrespective of their gender or background and is contributing to making Estonia as well as the world a better place.

“During the past two years, we have changed our hiring process to values based recuritment taking into account person´s view of life when hiring new people and believing that skills can be acquired and competence is developed over time,“ says our Head of Human Resources Lilian Kuuslap. In addition, Estanc has increased the number of female employees in its masculine environment and communication about diversity is actively shared within the company. For example, employees are being educated about different cultures and introduced to various cuisines. Lilian Kuuslap adds, “We involve employees´ families and friends in our company events and support balancing work and family life by offering flexible work environment. We strive for maintaining a unified company culture and keeping all the employees engaged through our communication platform, which enables us to share information about company updates in a quick and transparent way.“

Photo: Human Rights Centre

Estanc values each idividual and the team is working daily towards spreading awareness about respecting differences and diversity.