Estanc is organizing in-house Estonian language courses for employees


Estanc is a diverse company with more then 9 different nationalities. To enhance the unity and lessen language barrier between Estonian and Russian speaking employees, we decided to offer an opportunity to participate in Estonian language course for beginners.


The goal is to give basic skillset in Estonian language for these employees, who lack the skills to use language independently. From there they can start practicing and develop their language skills further.

The plan was to make participating the course comfortable and convenient for as many employees as possible, the best solution was to organize a course in Estanc office just after the end of workday.

Firstly, we planned to start with one group, but we were glad to realize that the interest for the language course is even bigger then expected. So we formed two groups of 10 employees who started to learn Estonian language. Both groups have 2 lessons a week. This course was more planned for beginner lever students, but already some employees have taken an interest for advanced level of Estonian language and first steps of organizing another have already been made.


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