Estanc is becoming one of the first manufacturing companies in Estonia to operate in accordance with internal business process model.


Each organization that is to dramatically improve its performance needs to dig really deep into its own internal processes. ESTANC is at present in the middle of such an initiative – Business Process Modeling and Analysis.
Within 3 month project we involved 42 persons from all departments of the company to draw maps of “how things are really done:
we used RACI model to clarify roles of people related to processes – now we can within 15 seconds answer a question “how many processes you have?”

established a role of Process Owner – person that decides how his/her department works in the great scheme of things – ESTANC Project Model.
identified Project Milestones to streamline project delivery flow and clarify handover of information to/from our clients – at present 244 processes.

We included to process maps software systems, documents and other relative information needed to perform processes – totally almost 2000 objects.

Most important – with help of visual process models it is much easier for us to identify weak places in the process and trace problems back to the root cause, so we can improve faulty process to avoid such problem in the future.

There is always a road ahead on the way to crystal clear processes, as business needs are changing, but we know that next change we can handle much more effectively than before.

Thanks to experts from Lean Enterprise Estonia who provided us with full-scope consultancy service: process modeling methodology, effective software and practical trainings for our team.