Estanc is acquiring a license for export to China


In relation to interest from our clients we have started the process of acquiring a Chinese license for manufacturing pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

The final push for us to start the process came from a long time guaranteed contract from our client who sees us as their main supplier for Chinese market among others

The license we are acquiring is A1 which covers the widest range of products possible

We see this license as means to serve our clients even better and hopefully introduce us to new ones. We are glad
to state that we have received positive notions about the Chinese license from our other clients aswell.

License is going to be an addition to our already excisting ones. Right now we can manufacture under the requirements of Achilles JQA, TR TC 032/2013, GOST, PED, ASME and ASME U and S stamps. This list makes
us a top partner to our clients no matter if their products are targeted to European, Russian, American, Offshore or now Chinese markets.

First products from our halls certified by Chinese license should leave in the spring of 2017.

If your company is involved in supplying Chinese clients with products within our range please contact our head of Sales. You will find him under Contacts tab on our webpage.