Estanc has the new mission statement and values


Estanc’s team has elaborated the new mission statement to pass on, why do we exist.In most of Estanc’s products the common denominator is a more sustainable World.
It doesn’t matter if the products are a part of the next generation power plants, help to create renewable energy, help to reduce the emission gases or are a part of recycling processes.

Our new mission is to Manufacture process equipment, that supports the creation of a more sustainable World.

Along with the new mission statement our values have also gotten a fresh coating. Our values are divided into inner and outer ones. Our customers and partners are likely interested in the latter ones.

In Estanc we value:

 Honesty: Communication.
• Developmental attitude: Standing on a place is a setback.
 Proficiency: We are experts on our field and know what we are talking about.
• Sustainability: We focus on the longevous customer relationship.
• Environmental friendliness: We outlive our mission statement.
• Kindness: Healthy relations are the foundation to a successful cooperation.

We sincerely hope that our partners appreciate our new mission and are continuing to be the important contributors to it coming to life.

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