Estanc and Thorsteel announce manufacturing cooperation


Estanc AS and Thorsteel OÜ, a domestic company specializing in engineering, producing and delivering stainless steel products have signed an agreement for manufacturing cooperation.

Estanc and Thorsteel are industrial companies who operate in their homeland Estonia. Producing products from stainless steel is no stranger to either of the two.

„Over the last years Estanc has stated that we’re looking for partnering opportunities to add more value through combined efforts,” says Mihkel Tammo, Leader at Estanc. “Cooperation between Estanc and Thorsteel creates new possibilities in both ends. This partnership helps to keep Estanc competitive in products that we would otherwise outgrow cost wise and provide wider product range. Thorsteel has the opportunity expand the scope of potential products and further develop their skillset,” he adds.

Thorsteel is dedicated to providing a highly-efficient, cost-effective service and they are devoted to producing and designing the highest possible quality and standards of operation in the design and fabrication of bespoke products to serve the food, dairy, chemical, bio and pharmaceutical industries.
As a result of the cooperation both companies hope to expand their offering and develop through partnership.

The cooperation between Estanc and Thorsteel is based on trust. “This relationship is based on ethical principles, which allows us to offer quality products as a result of responsible behavior and integrity. Furthermore, both companies believe in cooperation, not in competition when it comes to making business”, says Mihkel Tammo.


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