Drone overviews of Estanc’s welding and assembly halls


Starting from december 2017, when we closed Männiku factory- our home for past 2 decades- Estanc now manufactures process equipment solely at one location in Jüri. Fresh baked out the oven we have added new stainless steel production hall for heavier products to our plant. In this news piece we want to showcase the overviews of our 3 main welding and assembly halls.

1) Hall for carbon steel products with 100 tons of lifting power under cranes

2) Hall for stainless steel products with 60 tons of lifting power under cranes

3) Hall for stainless steel products with 108 tons of lifting power under cranes

All of the halls have been built in recent years, carbon steel in 2013, stainless steel 1 in 2015 and stainless steel 2 in 2017 respectively.

As we’ve been building our plant we have kept in mind our why, our mission statement, the promise to support the creation of a more sustainable world and therefore used as many environmentally friendly solutions as possible. We have LED lights in our halls, collect testing water from the rain, use floor heating systems in our halls, preserve acid content in special facilties etc.

If you found the overviews eyecatching and see an opportunity for a customer relationship or partnership please contact our marketing specialist at karolin.vikkat@estanc.ee More detailed information will be made available through our presentation and catalogue in case of interest.
We will soon follow up with a post introducing our special facilities, prefabrication and aftertreatment capabilities and our warehouse.

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