Team with a strong history and great ambition

Estanc is a family company owned 100% by the Tammo family. The company was founded in 1992 which adds up nearly three decades worth of experience on the market. By now Estanc is the biggest company in its field in the Baltics and in the Nordic countries with the turnover of 25,4 million euros in 2019. Export makes 97% of our business.

Dedicated employees

Different sectors served

Family owned business

Team events in a year

Years of experience

Sustainable Development Goal

Climate action

We focus our efforts in areas where we can deliver the greatest positive impact. Considering that our products help to contribute to the alleviation of some of the industry’s and world’s greatest sustainability challenges.

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Who we are

Understanding key processes of our client is the basis

Our turnkey solutions are a result of our in-house experience and that is a direct result of the experienced and long standing workforce. Estanc has 150 employees and at the core of our business are approximately 80 continuously certified and highly skilled manufacturing workers.

Challenging environments are our expertise

Estanc takes pride in being able to produce carbon- and stainless steel, steel for extremely corrosive environments and high service environments, aluminium, titanium, different alloys, duplex, clad material equipment in innumerable shapes and sizes. From 2 kg to 200 tons.

Quality is a priority

Estanc is not always about cheapest possible solutions. As we participate in international business and with world leading clients needs we have always firstly prioritized securing responsibly a high quality, safe and lasting product. Every solution in our company is based on the interactive cooperation of our whole organization and supply chain.

Saving the world in process

Our mission is about manufacturing process equipment that helps to make the world more sustainable place. Recycling, renewable energy, next generation plants are just a few of our outputs.

Goals that turn into results

By acting in a responsible manner, we manufacture products that allow our end customers to operate sustainably.


We actually care

We focus that our customers and employees are satisfied with our efforts. We care for the health and safety of our employees and customers as well as value diversity.


We keep it safe

Ensuring the safety of people and environment through finished products.


We think as a leader

We conduct our business honestly and ethically and have an open communication with our stakeholders. We want to be a role model for others when it comes to sustainability, including supply chain and business relationships, communication and reporting and society at large.


We feel responsible

We manufacture products the use of which supports the development of resource-efficient and environmentally safe industry that uses clean technology.

Why Estanc


High team spirit

We have crated a safe and friendly company culture. Our employees work with passion. In order to celebrate our passion and team spirit we organise lot of team events for employees and their families.


Flexible work environment

Our people enjoy healthy and comfortable working conditions in the modern production hall and office. We value our employees work-life balance and develop opportunities for flexible job management.


Salary structure and benefits package

We pay 10% higher wages than the industry averages and our salary structure is in solidarity with all positions. Our benefits package values each employee and his/her daily wellbeing.


Value based management

We base on our core values in everyday management, decisions and all actions.


Non-hierarchical structure

We expect all of our employees to contribute to the success of our company. Every employee has a specific role, henc the autonomy to meet their goals.