Congratulations – 30 years of experience!


Estanc was founded in 1992 as an Estonian – Finnish company and since day one has been a company owned by the Tammo family. Today, the 30-year-old Estanc is the largest and most successful process equipment manufacturer for high impact industries in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

While in the early years Estanc employed 10 – 20 people and operated on 2’500 square meter production area, then today we employ approximately 200 people and have permanent production area of more than 12,000 square meters indoors. All our stakeholders have an important contribution to the development of Estanc. Customers, employees and their families, owners, suppliers, collaborators – no one is more important than the other and a joint contribution has created a lasting organization that lives and grows. The content of the service we provide and the complexity of the projects we carry out has also increased from year to year. This has given us the opportunity and the ambition to become even bigger and better!

In recent years we have been leading the sustainability topic of the industrial sector in Estonia. Our organization’s culture is caring and mission-based, which is why our vision is to be part of building a more sustainable world while creating better lives for everyone.

Today Estanc’s mission is to be a partner to its customers to offer process equipment manufacturing services on the highest level. It is precisely the change of mindset that the now 30-year-old Estanc finds itself in – to grow from an outsourcing factory that primarily provides production capacity to its customers into a leading production service provider, that creates value for the customer with product design and process engineering solutions.

Our slogan – POST-INDUSTRIAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY – speaks of the above nature, but our core values and culture also play an important role in deciphering it. At Estanc, the core values are not just sentences on the wall, but the most important management tool and really an important part of the day-to-day functioning of the organization. Estanc’s core values are PEOPLE – PROCESS – PASSION – PURPOSE. Behind each word the way of thinking is also described, according to which we act together.

Working with commitment, process-based and purpose only with a world-class team will help us be the best possible partner for current and future customers!

Thank you again to everyone who has been a part of our story!

Estanc team