Biggest vessel manufacturer in Northern Europe purveys number of process equipment units to the new generation pulp and paper factory in Äänekoski.


In summer of 2016, Estanc finished and transported to Metsä concerns Äänekoski pulp and paper factory among other units a stainless steel, duplex Flash tank type of process vessel. Named grandiose and eye catching “Flash tank” is a part of process in which the pulp gets chemically worked with alkalites. A black liquor at the boiling temperature is led Into the tank where- under pressure- steam regeneration takes place and additionally condensed matter is getting separated from the continuing process.

The working temperature of the “Flash tank” is at 150°C and the working pressure is at 1…1,5 bar. The height of the vertically installed vessel is 15,5 meters and innerdiameter is 6,5 meters. The tank weighs 66,5

The main challenges in the process that we had to consider were making the big dimensioned duplex composition

and welding, along with big amounts of NDT (non destructive testing) after the test group of A1. To check the quality of the welds DigiRTX was mainly used.

We are happy to declare that the delivery was timely, quality was high and our clients demands were fully filled.