With the addition of Priit Haldma as CFO 6 months ago and Simo Eiert in November as COO Estanc has now successfully completed the board of Estanc.


Board members from left CFO Priit Haldma, CEO Mihkel Tammo, COO Simo Eiert

CEO Mihkel Tammo: ”Estanc relies on our talented team in fulfillment of our mission and vision every day. As a cornerstone for our success we have always had well diverse Leadership team that has furious and longstanding experience on the one hand and fresh blood and ideas working side by side on the other.

Until recently we were lacking a well functioning board as a structure in our chain. As realisation has arrived that family company needs a strong non family board, I was determined to bring that level to Estanc’s daily decision making.

I am really inspired that we have managed to acquire such talent that Priit and Simo can bring and I see that we are perfect match as we complete each other in our strengths and weaknesses and on the areas of expertise. I see the importance of Estanc having a well operating board as a key to our future success and I am extremely satisfied with the results we have gotten together this far.”

Stay tuned for big news Estanc’s board is cooking and preparing to present You. All for the manufacturing service par excellence.


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Estanc is constantly expanding services to offer customers more valuable solutions. Now we can perform helium leak testing.

Helium leak testing
Helium leak testing of a heat exchanger

To meet the needs of our customers Estanc has
successfully performed first ever helium leak testing of a heat exchanger.

Helium leak detection has become a sensitive, precise and quantitative method for evaluating leaks. Helium is among the lightest and smallest of molecules, allowing it to penetrate small leaks quickly.

The test was conducted in heat exchanger that contains toxic and easily flammable gas called ethylene chloride. The aim of this test was to assure the quality of our welds and materials. Helium leak testing method is significantly different from other pressure- and density tests Estanc previously have had the experience with. Series of new operations and preparations were executed and the details of the procedure were discussed carefully with the customer.

Estanc partnered up with Eesti AGA AS the carry out the testing. Professional supervision of impartial inspection KIWA Inspecta also attended.

All together 10,000 welds were tested and the test proved to be successful with no complications.

Contact us for any additional information!

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Estanc AS and the special transport company AT Special Transport, a part of the Finnish logistics group Oyj Ahola Transport Abp, have signed an agreement of cooperation. The agreement consists of both everyday transports and strategic cooperation for future projects.


Ahola_TransportEstanc and Ahola Transport have a pretty rare similarity. Both companies are family companies, but on top of that  both companies have a major shareholder that has 3 sons and 3 daughters. Two sons from the respective families, Mihkel from the Tammo family, and  Jonas from the Ahola family, both have leadership roles in thier families´ companies.

As friendship between two sides started to develop, both Tammo and Ahola noticed that there are important similarities in the way that both companies approach business. Both companies are focused on sustainable missions and value-based leadership. Relying on a high level of digitalization, the belief is that the right way to grow is to invest heavily and expand the business, and last but not least believe in cooperation and not in competition when it comes to making business, says Mihkel Tammo, Managing Director Estanc A.S and Jonas Ahola, Managing Director AT Special Transport.

Such commonalities and next generation orientation have brought us to this day and Estanc and Ahola Transport are happy to officially announce the beginning of the cooperation.

What’s upcoming?

First and foremost, we will focus on the operative everyday level and that the role of AT Special Transport, a subsidiary of one of the leading transport companies in the Nordic countries Ahola Transport, will be central in the cooperation, but we are also looking for strategic cooperation to find places where we are able to help each other to win and to create synergies, says Mihkel Tammo from Estanc.

Estanc and Ahola Transport are pathfinders and frontrunners in developments in their respective fields of business and are certain that partnership helps to advance even quicker.


Oyj Ahola Transport Abp is a leading Nordic transport company and a family-owned on Nasdaq publicly listed logistics company which has provided transport services for more than 60 years. Ahola Transport offers dynamic international transport and logistics services in the Nordic and Baltic countries and in Central and Eastern Europe. The company have long-term relationships with its customers, built through customer-specific solutions based on several decades of being in the forefront of digitalized logistics.

Ahola Transport´s fleet consists of more than 400 transport units. The annual turnover is about 100 million euros and we employ approximately 700 people. The company´s head office is located in Kokkola, Finland, and we have transport hubs in Finland, Sweden and Estonia as well as an office in Poland.


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Peresõbralik tööandja
Estanci personalijuht Siret Raigla (vasakul) sotsiaalkaitseminister Kaia Ivaga.

17. oktoobril andis Sotsiaalkaitseminister Kaia Iva 53
ettevõttele peresõbraliku tööandja algmärgise, mis võimaldab praegustele ja tulevastele töötajatele näidata, et tööandja hindab töötajate soove ning on valmis panustama nende heaolusse.

Liitusime Estanciga peresõbraliku märgise programmiga,
sest pereettevõttena oleme alati panustanud töötajate töö-
ja pereelu ühildavatesse tegevustesse ja väärtustanud kõrgelt töötajate heaolu.

Peresõbraliku tööandja märgisele kandideerimiseks tegime koostöös töötajatega kahe aastase arengukava, et jätkuvalt head töökeskkonda pidevalt edasi arendada.


Jälgi meie tegemisi Linkedinis, et olla kursis värskeimate uudistega.

We’re happy to announce that Estanc is yet again participating in Energia 2018 event in Tampere with our stand!

Meet us at Hall A, stand 622! 

maailmakoristuspäev15. septembril toimus maailma suurim kodanikualgatus Maailmakoristuspäev, mis on eestimaalaste suurim juubelikingitus maailmale! Eesti eestvedamisel koristasid maakera üheaegselt korraga 155 riiki ja osales 13 miljonit inimest.

“Estanci missioon on aidata kaasa maailma jätkusuutlikumaks muutmisele, mistõttu registreerisime end üritusele esimesel võimalusel,“ lausub personalijuht Siret Raigla. “Meid kõnetab Maailmakoristuspäeva sõnum, milleks on tõsta keskkonnateadlikkust, ühendada kogukonda ja aidata kaasa muutuste elluviimisele, et saavutada puhas planeet.”

Estanci kollektiiv osales koristuspäeval Nõmme metsas, kust vedasime ära mitu kotitäit olmeprügi, taarat, vanu rehve ja mööblit.

Eestis osales Maailmakoristuspäeval ligikaudu 9500 inimest ja kokku koguti hinnanguliselt üle 4500 kuupmeetri jäätmeid.