The mission of Estanc is to
Manufacture process equipment, that supports the creation of a more sustainable World.

Estanc is an long-standing estonian manufacturer of process equipment made of standard and special steel. We have diverse international experience with large projects and our wide product list includes:

Pressurized tanks– Feed water tanks, Steam accumulators, Reactors, Condensate tanks, Columns and other pressurized tanks
LNG tanks and containers
Heat exchangers– Shell and tube heat exchangers and Air preheaters
Non pressure tanks– Fuel tanks and other non-pressure tanks

Our partners benefit from the application of International standards and norms. We are working in accordance to

ISO 9001, EN 1090, ISO 3834-2. ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 are in implementation phase. Estanc is able and has the rights to manufacture accordingly to the demands of Achilles JQS, TR TC 032/2013, GOST(TPTC032), PED(Pressure Equipment Directive),

ASME U stamp and ASME U2 stamp. In Estanc’s portfolio there are more than 200 different procedures and counting.


Estanc 2017 catalogue

Introductory video clip

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