Massive congratulations to our brother company T-Tammer OÜ on becoming The Family Enterprise of the Year 2019 in the Entrepreneurship Award competition organised by Enterprise Estonia!

Family enterprise
                                                From left: Anti Tammo, Raigo Tammo, Mihkel Tammo

Estanc and Tammer are brothers, they truly are. The companies are founded by Raigo Tammo and owned by the Tammo family. Furthermore, both companies are literally run by brothers, Mihkel and Anti who also cross sit on the advisory boards of these companies.

The Family Enterprise of the Year is awarded to recognise companies that are run by families from several generations.

Tammer is the biggest metal door producer in the Baltics, specializing in producing fireproof and standard doors and windows from both steel elements and flat metal.

Brotherly rivalry, on which manufacturers of the two find more growth and success in their business strategy, has always been a driving force between us two and we are thankful for it because that pushes us both to get better

Estanc was also named as a TOP 3 nominee in the same category in 2018. It is safe to say that Tammo family is a vivid member of Estonian family company scenery and looking forward at the accelerating World then we see this as a very important merit. Value of family we believe will remain unblemished forever!

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Last year Estanc decided to become free of all 8 company cars with internal combustion engine and invest in electric car

This decision was a no-brainer, being one of the first actions we wanted to accomplish even before starting to fully develop our sustainability strategy at the beginning of 2019.

Our entire production is powered by renewable energy so it only made sense to match the vehicle with zero-emissions. Our Audi E-Tron with registration plate ETRON 3, number three embodying the „people, profit, planet“ framework for sustainable business, is being used for company errands as well as for business trips.

We have also installed an extra charging point to help increase the convience among environmental stewardship-minded emoployees and visitors who are welcomed to charge their electric cars during the visit.

What if all cars were electric?

Transportation is one of the top 5 greenhouse gas producer in the world. According to European Environment Agency, 30% of the EU´s CO₂ emissioon comes from transportation. By 2040, it’s predicted that 35% of the world’s cars will be electric. We believe that it’s only a matter of time before the internal combustion engine sputters out for good and driving habits get cleaner.

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation is key to slowing climate change and making sure our planet stays a healthy place to live. Electric car that is using electricity produced from renewable energy sources produces around 60-70 g/km of CO₂ which makes it pollute about half as much as traditional cars. As the technology becomes more mainstream, it is likely to become even more efficient and sustainable.

With this we help to contribute meeting the goals in



Explore our sustainability approach 

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Kalle PallingRiigikogu nelja koosseisu kuulunud Kalle Palling liitub masinatööstusettevõtte Estanc nõukoguga.

“Näeme, et tänu Kalle Pallingu pikale kogemusele poliitikas, kus tema peamisteks teemadeks olid energeetika, uus majandus, keskkond ja välispoliitika, on tema kogemustest väga palju abi meie ettevõtte strateegia jätkuval kujundamisel, positsioneerimisel välisturgudel ning tootearenduses,” ütles Estanci tegevjuht Mihkel Tammo.

„Eesti teadus- ja tootearenduse potentsiaal eksportturgudel on väga suur, ent väljakutsed tööstuse digitaliseerimisel ja uute toodete välja arendamisel on samuti märkimisväärsed. Üks tähtsamaid väljakutseid Estanci jaoks ongi areneda tootmisettevõttest toote ettevõtteks, et suurem osa lisandväärtusest jääks Eesti majandusse,“ sõnas Kalle Palling.

Kalle Palling alustab tööd Estanci nõukogu liikmena septembris. Nõukogus on lisaks Kalle Pallingule veel Raigo Tammo, Herty Tammo ja Anti Tammo.


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In July 2018, Estanc celebrated its 150th feedwater tank order, the first one being manufactured in 2007. In recent years, one of Estanc’s main directions has been to pursue a business strategy aimed at achieving long term global growth in the deaerator and feed water tank segment.

The main cornerstones of this strategy are: expanding to new markets, finding new customers with whom to build trustworthy relationships and gaining global presence in the business. That being said, in 2019 Estanc has sold 9 deaerators in 6 months – 5 Tray Type and 4 Spray type.

Expanding our customer base

We’re happy to announce that out of these sales, 5 have been signed with a new customer – Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH, GE Power, Savon Voima Oyj, Hitachi Zosen Inova AG and Remak S.A. Nonetheless we appreciate the cooperation with our reliable long-term customers Valmet Technologies Oy and Andritz Oy. Our goal is to provide our customers the utmost manufacturing service and help them to achieve their business goals as best as possible. We strive to be the preferred equipment supplier while still retaining a competitive cost structure.


Out of these new orders, the biggest is 870m3 Stork type deaerator to Valmet Technologies Oy for the MAPA project in Chile, being the largest deaerator and feedwater tank Estanc has ever manufactured. Another noteworthy vessel will be produced and supplied to GE Power in June, 2020 – 690m3 deaerator with the length of 47 500mm and a 230 ton weight for the 1,000MW power plant project Ostroleka C. The plant uses high efficiency and low emissions technology including air quality control systems to meet the latest EU standards in terms of local emissions. Due to its massive dimensions the product will be delivered in 3 separate parts.


Estanc will continue expanding its worldwide presence in order to utilize growth potential in the business. With the recruitment of Jan Böttger, our Deaerator Sales Lead, in March 2019, our activity in this product segment has increased significantly and with our prosperous team will continue to develop towards reaching its full potential.


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UN Global CompactEstanc joined the 9,900 companies across the world that have embraced the United Nations Global Compact.

The Global Compact asks participating companies to pursue two complementary goals. Firstly internalize the ten principles within the company’s strategies, policies and operations. Secondly undertake projects to advance the broader development goals of the United Nations, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals.

For Estanc it matters to make business right, it means we are strongly committed to integrating the Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption into our business strategy and into our day-to-day operations.

The Global Compact is the world largest corporate sustainability network. We can learn from others and also, show example on how to create sustainability and have a positive impact on the society. The UN Global Compact gives us a framework to follow.

Part of the program is documenting the progress. We are required to write a yearly COP (Communication on Progress) report where we will be presenting the progress on the Ten Principles to monitor the success.

More about the UN Global Compact on

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Andres_KolloAndres has been one of the top salesperson in Estanc’s team since the first day he was recruited in 2014. After three years of commitment, it was time for him to explore new challenges. Now we get to welcome him back aboard.

Fresh out of Tallinn University of Technology, where Andres graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a Master’s, he joined Estanc’s team as Project Engineer at the age of 26.

Nearly two years later he was promoted to Sales Manager position because of his result-driven personality and technical knowledge along with sales skills.

In 2017, after being a part of Estanc’s team for three years, Andres wanted to gain more experiences in the field and see what’s life like outside Estanc’s walls. He proceeded his career path in a different organisation where he worked as a Chief Operations Officer for the past two years.

Today, we are glad to announce that exactly on the same date Andres first joined Estanc in 2014, June 25, we get to welcome him back in 2019. Andres rejoined our Sales team as Lead Sales Engineer. “I came back because Estanc has a wide and interesting product portfolio and the company consciously integrates sustainability into the operations of the business,” he says.

As an organisation, we endorse the growth of our people and boomerang employees like Andres return with greater knowledge and fresh perspective. We are overjoyed by the value Andres brings to Estanc’s team.