Estanc’s yearly electricity consumption is about 1.14 GWh. Today we’re proud to say that since February 1st, 2019 AS Estanc uses electricity produced from 100% renewable energy sources.

Supporting the creation of a more sustainable world is our mission statement and strongly intertwined in our strategy. In every spectrum of our business, we are searching possibilities to be more responsible about our approaches that have impact on the environment.

Electricity that has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner

Elektrum Estonia Powered by Green is electricity produced from 100% renewable energy sources with official guarantees of its origin. The origin is granted with a personalized certificate which proves that the energy produced to Estanc comes from Estonian wind farms and hydro power plants. According to Elektrum, in case of a deficit in the future, it will be possible to buy green energy from Europe, because the trading takes place in a common open market.

How does the green energy reach from the producer to Estanc?

In every spring, the independent electricity and gas system operator Elering collects data of consumed electricity in previous calendar year and according to the energy consumed, issues the certificate of its origin. The amount of energy that has been consumed is removed from the energy market and we in Estanc can be sure that the price of the purchased electricity will reach green energy producers and thus contribute to making the world more sustainable.


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In 2018-2022 strategy Estanc has set focus onto developing sustainable cooperation with subcontractors

“Estanc AS has stated that we’re looking for partnering opportunities in market state of over-demand to add more value through combined efforts. More specifically we are seeking effective partnerships to help us keep competitive cost level in products that we would otherwise outgrow costwise, be able to help us develop our skillset and also provide wider product range. We’re happy to announce that we’ve started first projects with two companies who are helping Estanc to achieve just that,” says Estanc’s CEO Mihkel Tammo.

MV Welding OY is an experienced fabricator of heat exchangers with more than 500 units completed. They have formerly focused their activities towards Finnish market. We are glad to unite our skillsets. Thanks to the cooperation, we are able to offer more production capacity in our facilities. Addition to that, we have luxury to learn from MW Welding’s experience in their respected niche.

Enefit Solutions AS ( Estanc is known after our ability to break taboos and to falsify myths. Private company using Government owned company’s services as a subcontractor is another example of that. We are thankful for Enefit Solutions for reaching out to us and we’re hopeful to pursue long-standing cooperation between the two of us! In this cooperation, Estanc will focus on buffering our production capacity in case of over-demand on the market and also to stay competitive together costwise.

Besides the new partners above, we also have additional strategical cooperation ongoing negotiations. As a company who believes in cooperation instead of competition, we look to expand the pie and to create a win-win to all sides involved, mostly focusing on our clients, of course.

When forming new partnerships, the utmost important thing is that they are guided by a shared vision and purpose, mutual philosophies on ethics, sustainability and social responsibility topics through agreed code of conduct and no-excuses attitude towards quality of the service.

That helps us to guarantee to our clients manufacturing service par excellence and to keep us going ahead on our path of Estanc’s why.

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In Estanc we have made a very concrete commitment when it comes to wages, extrinsic motivation. The promise is to pay our employees at least market average +10% and to have a quarterly motivation system on top of that. We think that this is foundational to being a sustainable company with the best talent.

At the other and more important hand, we truly believe that what makes someone a member of #EstancTeam is the importance of shared soft, intrinsic motivation. 100% of Estancian is put together by 49% of technical abilities and 51% of right attitude – shared purpose, vision and values.

We believe that every business is just a commercialisation of human relationships

Since creating a supportive environment to our workers that would enrichen their lives is our most important goal we decided to ask our people feedback to “Why they love working for Estanc” personally and we would like to share their answers with You.

We hope that you will enjoy the introductions and stories of our team members as much as we do and that it helps to understand how manufacturing service par excellence is put together on daily basis and what makes us tick.

Without further ado, with this post we are starting a new tradition. Expect to meet a new member of #EstancTeam after every 2 months

Meet Kristo #EstancTeamwork









We are humbled to kick-off our series with Kristo. Kristo has been part of Estanc for 23 years. He started working for us brief 4 years after Estanc’s inception. He is working in our prefabrication department. We all know that the price of mistakes is the highest in the beginning of the projects and Kristo does his important part making sure that we stay sharp when it matters the most. His loyalty and commitment to his work are widely recognised in our team.

“I like to work at Estanc because we have best working conditions and lot of flexibility” – Kristo Pettai

One of Estanc’s values is #Proficiency and Kristo is a true embodiment of that.



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Estanc is a diverse company with more then 9 different nationalities. To enhance the unity and lessen language barrier between Estonian and Russian speaking employees, we decided to offer an opportunity to participate in Estonian language course for beginners.


The goal is to give basic skillset in Estonian language for these employees, who lack the skills to use language independently. From there they can start practicing and develop their language skills further.

The plan was to make participating the course comfortable and convenient for as many employees as possible, the best solution was to organize a course in Estanc office just after the end of workday.

Firstly, we planned to start with one group, but we were glad to realize that the interest for the language course is even bigger then expected. So we formed two groups of 10 employees who started to learn Estonian language, both groups have 2 lessons a week. This course was more planned for beginner lever students, but already some employees have taken an interest for advanced level of Estonian language and first steps of organizing another have already been made.










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Flue gas condenser
Flue gas condenser supplied to Valmet Technologies Oy in 2017 (illustrative)

With great pleasure let us announce that Estanc
is awarded with the contract for MAPA project in Chile (Modernization and Extension of Arauco Mill project). This is one of the largest pulp investments in the world.

This project is going to receive Feed Water Preheater 250 bars and Feed Water Interheater 128 bars designed and manufactured by Estanc AS. The equipment will be delivered to the customer by the end of 2019.

Thanks to Valmet Technologies Oy for cooperating with Estanc on High pressure
Heat Exchangers’ field. Stay tuned.


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In September 2018, Estanc AS supplied 3 lamella-type evaporators for pulp mill in Iggesund, Sweden.

Lamella-technology based evaporators provide a high heat transfer while being extremely easy to clean, thus maximizing plant availability and minimizing time required for washing of the heating surface.

The biggest and most complex equipment from the set of three was a 102-ton, 285m3 evaporator with the height of 16,5m and diameeter of 4800mm. Shells and internal support structures were specially made from duplex stainless steel for all three process equipment units.

One of the more interesting aspects of the manufacturing process was the pre-assembly and installation of the lamella packages, which was the first experience for Estanc. The biggest set of the modules consisted total of 6 separate sections and weighed heavy 50 tons. A special driveway with a support base and castor wheels was designed to insert the 50ton pre-assembled lamella package inside the vessel. After that, 4-point hydraulic jack was used to fixate the module to the shell.

Estanc also performed separate hydrostatic testing to all the vessels for leak detection. The heaviest of the bunch weighted remarkable 400 tons after filling the equipment with water.

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