Mission Day is about coming together as a team in support of our mission – to support the creation of a more sustainable world. This year, Estanc celebrated Mission Day on May 10th. This year we focused on community helping to create a village gathering spot and played ethical dilemma games with all of our team members.


sustainable businessWe are adding finishing touches to our Code of Conduct. The CoC describes Estanc’s organizational values and behaviors, which are expected from our employees and partners.

By pursuing this agreement together, we can act responsibly and contribute to the creation of a cleaner and healthier environment for us and future generations.

To showcase some of the CoC topics, we played the Dilemma Game, which consisted of several ethical situations in which a choice had to be made. It was up to the group to choose, which of the solutions was considered the best – to decide what would be the right thing to do. The purpose of this exercise was to encourage
dialogue, exchange opinions and explain how the values guide our decisions in realistic situations.

Outliving our mission

For the second activity, we planted trees in our local community next to our factory. Estanc donated and helped to plant 75 trees together with the volunteers of Rae parish, to support the project developing a local village square.

There are several reasons why we chose to plant trees second year in a row. Every tree that takes root also carries with it a countless of benefits to our health, quality of life, and well-being.

Trees help in sustaining the delicate balance of our ecosystems and their value extends beyond our generation. Working in nature fosters many positive attributes and promotes learning about the importance of trees and their role in the wider environment.





Take a look at a recap of MISSION DAY 2018 here.

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In 2016, Estanc developed a new mission statement which defines the organization’s purpose „To manufacture process equipment, that supports the creation of a more sustainable World“. In May 2019, Estanc’s team is joined by a Sustainability Coordinator Erika Pihl.

Sustinability coordinator

The mission statement extends furthermore, combining the long-term interests of business, community and the natural environment, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Since 2016, Estanc has consistently integrated sustainability into its business and constantly improving the strategies to create tomorrow’s measures.

For the first few years, the focus was on reducing unsustainability – new office building, improved production facilities and processes, resource efficiencies and a lot more.

During this period, Estanc has been awarded with Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) badge, Familyfriendly employer badge, diversity label Respecting Differences, participated in World Cleanup Days, planted more than 150 trees in our community, became a member of Estonian Association for Environmental Management, using electricity produced from 100% Renewable energy sources etc. Still we consider it to be only a beginning.

Ready to create sustainability 

Now Estanc sets its focus on creating sustainability. We are beyond excited to announce that since May 2019, we’ve hired a Sustainability Coordinator, Erika Pihl. Erika’s role in this completely new position will be implementing plans of actions to improve an organization’s sustainability. For example, looking at methods of encouraging sustainability at all levels of the business and linking different departments to achieve their sustainability goals.

“My journey has been exciting. I’ve had the opportunity to see the world, live in Argentina for 5 years which has given me courage, experience and passion to contribute to something meaningful. I’m excited for my upcoming journey in Estanc, to motivate the team to continue and become sustainability champions,” says Erika.

 Estanc’s sustainability approach – coming soon!

Over the last several months, a lot of thought and effort has gone to create Estanc’s sustainable development strategy and agenda, which incorporates UN Sustainable Development Goals into our business plans. The SDGs serve as guidelines to assess and manage social, economic and environmental risk. We are also at the end stages of creating Code of Conduct, which is one of the ways we put Estanc’s values into practice. CoC sets out standards of behaviors for our employees, business partners and suppliers to maintain trust.  Stay tuned!


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rental_hallDue to the growing demand for products and capacity restraints in our current locations, Estanc has expanded its production facilities.

At the beginning of May 2019, Estanc has started operating in additional 1500 m2 production facility.

The expansion’s goal is to help the company increase manufacturing capacity, allowing us to serve the market in state of high demand. The new facility is located just two kilometers away from existing plant and dedicated to the manufacture of heat exchangers, along with our cooperation partner MV Welding Oy.

The manufacturing projects at the new facility will undergo the same quality processes that they do in our existing plant, ensuring our products’ utmost levels of quality and safety in all processes.

The expansion will help us to maintain fast responsiveness in quoting, production and delivery to meet the requirements of our customers. In service of our vision to offer manufacturing service par excellence.

With the addition of the new facility, Estanc’s production footprint is now 13,000 m2.

Read more about Estanc’s cooperation with subcontractors: https://estanc.eu/news/estanc-starts-cooperation-with-new-subcontractors/

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Estanc AS has been awarded a new contract with Valmet Technologies Oy with the largest feed watertank Estanc has ever manufactured, for Arauco MAPA project in Chile.

This project is going to receive Ø5500mm deaerator and feedwater tank with the length of 38 500mm and empty weight of approx 194 tons. This 857m3 volume vessel is a critical component to the pulp and paper mill, designed to provide feed water for both recovery- and power boiler.

This enormous vessel breaks previous record holder – 702m3 and 136 tons weighing feedwater tank Estanc supplied to Äärenkoski, Finland in 2016, remarkably. Furthermore, this is the biggest vessel Estanc has ever manufactured in our 26-years’ experience. The delivery is scheduled for the end of August 2019.

But just how big is it?

Since this project is a landmark for us, it deserves special recognition. To give an idea of its actual size, we painted an outline of the feedwater tank, full-scale, on asphalt in front of our office and production complex. To illustrate the proportions, it was placed side by side with something familiar, cars of our employees.

In length it took a total of 17 cars and one motorcycle to fill the silhouette. Heightwise, we could add more than another two layers.

The color scheme of the cars represents national flag of Estonia – a tricolor featuring blue, black and white. Blue is for the vaulted blue sky above the native land, the black for attachment to the soil of the homeland as well as the fate of Estonians — for centuries black with worries, and white for purity, hard work, and commitment.

Developing better measures to combat climate change

The modernization and extension of Arauco Mill, an initiative that involves a USD 2,350 million investment will renew and increase efficiency, furthermore allows to continue to generate clean and renewable energy from forest biomass.

Estanc also has an ongoing contract with Valmet Technologies Oy, up to 250 bar high pressure heat exchangers for MAPA project. Read more: https://estanc.eu/news/high-pressure-heat-exchangers-for-mapa-project/


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Estanc on ettevõte, mis väärtustab mitmekesisust. Meie jaoks on oluline, et Estanci meeskond oleks põlvkondadeülene ja ühendaks endas erinevaid perspektiive ületamatu tootmisteenuse pakkumiseks. Kõiki erinevaid inimesi ühendab Estancis see, et me kanname ühiseid väärtusi ja üheskoos oleme ehitamas kultuuri, mis võimaldaks meil ettevõttena olla tuleviku väljakutseteks valmis.

Möödunud kuul alustasime lugude sarja  “Miks mulle meeldib Estancis töötada?”, eesmärgiga tutvustada  organisatsiooni olulisimat vara – meie töötajaid. Sarja avalöögina esitlesime auväärset Kristo lugu, kes on Estanci tootmises töötanud juba 23 aastat.

Rekordilise tööstaažiga Kristo loo kontrastiks tutvustame teisena projektijuhti Erkot, kelle töökogemust Estanciga saab lugeda võrdlemisi värskeks.

Tutvustame Erkot #Estancteam

tööErko on andnud oma panuse Estanci käekäiku, töötades projektijuhtimise osakonnas pisut üle aasta. Projektijuhtimise meeskond on igapäevasel operatsioonide tasemel Estanci pea, mis koordineerib seda, mida käed ja jalad peavad tegema. Erko on meeskonda sisse elanud meeldivalt kiiresti, tänu millele on ta suutnud juba anda olulise panuse meie projektijuhtimise edusse, olles ka heaks suunanäitajaks osakondade vahelise koostöö arendamisel.
Lisaks eeltoodule, hääletasid Erko kolleegid ta Estanci 2018.aasta väärtuse “õphimu” parimaks kehastuseks.

Erko elujaatavat ja uudishimulikku meelt ilmestab hästi lugu tema esimesest päevast Estancis, kus liitudes meie firmaga täpselt samal ajal kui Jorma Laine, 40+ aastase tööstuskogemusega insener ja müügiinimene Soomest. Just Erko oli see, kes hea meelega pärast esimest tööpäeva mõlema jaoks Estancis, pakkus Jormale küüti hotelli taksosõidu asemel ning hoolimata 45 aastasest vanusevahest oli sõprus, üksteise mõistmise alused ja esimene positiivne kontekst tulevaste kolleegide vahel loodud.

Räägitud lugu kirjeldab hästi seda, miks Erko on sobivaks esindajaks Estanci sisemisele väärtusele #koostöötahe.

Töö Estancis võimaldab mul olla mina ise. Toredad kolleegid ja pidev areng on tagatud.

“Miks mulle meeldib Estancis töötada?” – Kristo lugu: https://estanc.ee/uudised/meet-estancteam-kristo-who-has-23-years-experience-working-in-estanc/

Jälgi meie tegemisi Linkedinis, et olla kursis värskeimate uudistega.

ISO45001Estanc has received certification for compliance with the new ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management standard, which is issued by the Bureau Veritas Eesti OÜ after demanding evaluation process.

The new ISO 45001 standard replaces the previous OHSAS 18001:2007 standard, currently the most widespread for Health and Safety at Work management.

ISO 45001:2018 confirms excellence and good practices in Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and puts special emphasis on prevention systems and on the companies´ global commitment for the development of a culture of prevention and continuous improvement in this field. For this reason, it bases its focus on prevention management as well as on the co-participation of workers and managers in guaranteeing safer and healthier working environments.

“A healthy and motivated employee is an asset. We take care of and value our people, assuring a positive employee experience and safe working environment. By implementing a certified H&S management system, Estanc proves to operate to the required standards and to be committed to the safety and health of our workforce, and we are proud of that,” says CEO Mihkel Tammo, CEO Estanc.

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